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We have several students at Cedar International School who have food allergies. These food allergies include peanuts, shrimp, strawberries, to name just a few. While some of these food allergies will produce only mild symptoms, we also have students who have been identified as at risk of life-threatening, anaphylactic reactions.

Anaphylaxis: These are sudden and severe allergic reactions which can begin within minutes of exposure to the ‘allergen’ i.e. peanuts. There are several ways in which you can help us reduce the risk to these susceptible individuals and create a low risk environment within school;

(1) Please speak with your child about the risks of sharing food. It can be very tempting to swap snack and lunch items, particularly if there is food that is often craved by children i.e. candies, sweets, crisps, cookies and other junk items. Unfortunately, many of these foods contain peanut products. Avoiding these items will greatly reduce the risk of food being shared.

(2) Please check the food labels of the food provided for your child and avoid any peanut products.

(3) Please reinforce to your child some basic hygiene tips at home, particularly hand washing before and after eating.

(4) Please check with your class teacher before bringing in food for special occasions, such as birthdays etc. The teacher can inform you of any particular food allergies and can then let the parent know, in case they would like to provide their own food for there child.

(5) Please reinforce to your child the seriousness of these severe allergies and the need to tell a member of staff if they see someone experiencing difficulties while at school.

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