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Welcome to a new and exciting year in the Middle Years Programme (MYP) at Cedar International School! I am confident that our MYP programme continues to develop and progress and will no doubt offer a sound approach to learning that will assist the children in becoming life long learners, citizens of the world and ready for and challenge that lies ahead.

What exactly is the MYP? The overall philosophy of the programme is expressed through three fundamental concepts that support and strengthen all areas of the curriculum. These concepts are based on: intercultural awareness, holistic learning and communication.

What about assessment? MYP assessment is criterion based, over 1000 schools around the world will assess their students using all the same criterion! MYP assessment looks at different skills within a piece of work and feedback is given to students which informs them of their strengths, weaknesses and, of course, how to improve. A good portion of the assessments are project based and challenge our students to evaluate the world around them. These may include: open-ended, problem-solving activities and investigations, organized debates, hands-on experimentation, analysis, and reflection. There is also an emphasis on self-assessment and peer-assessment within the programme.

The Areas of Interaction are the foundational planning perspectives through which the Middle Years Program is to be taught. The Areas of Interaction are the bridges between subjects that act as the lenses through which we teach and learn. An MYP committed to the appropriate use of the AOIs will develop skeptical and conscientious people who are aware of how they learn best.

The five AOIs are:

Approaches to Learning– Focuses on theories of knowledge, how student learn and the accuracy of our understandings.

Environments – Focuses on the natural and human-made environment, as well as the responsibilities of participants in certain environments.

Human Ingenuity – Focuses on how and why humans create with an emphasis on the consequences of our actions.

Health and Social Education – Focuses on the self and touches upon behavior, health and changes over time.

Community and Service – Focuses on a sense of shared responsibility and participation in a community.

Taken as a whole, the MYP curriculum provides a balanced education that will equip young people for effective participation in the modern world!

We are all looking forward to an exciting year! If you have any questions or concerns please come visit me at the school or contact me via the phone or email. Thank you!

Michelle Jones
MYP Coordinator

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