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At Cedar, we firmly believe that students learn best when they are engaged and have the opportunity to work “hands on” with the subject matter. Our teachers do a brilliant job with this in the classroom, but nothing substitutes for getting students out into the community, be it home or abroad, to actualize their learning. Authentic, relevant learning occurring in context is learning that lasts.

To this end, Cedar has instituted a Travel and Experiential Education Programme that includes a variety of travel courses—with local, regional, and global options—that will appeal to a range of interests and budgets.

The travel courses, which are multi-age, are offered in the second semester, and every student in the secondary participates. Students choose the course they want to experience and attend a course that meets once per week throughout the second semester to prepare for the destination and academic theme of the travel experience. All travel occurs during the last week of May. Students in Grade 11 also have the opportunity to serve internships in lieu of participating in a travel experience for that week.

2013-14 was the inaugural year for the Travel and Experiential Education Programme, with students traveling to Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, NASA Space Camp in Alabama, and the American Southwest to camp in the Grand Canyon among other places. We also offered two local experiences: a fabulous BVI History, Culture and Ecology course and a BVI Dive Experience that led to PADI scuba diving certification for participating students.

Click here for our Travel Programme Overview brochure.


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