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Our team of talented and experienced educators is committed to the goals of Cedar International School. They inspire learning and value a safe and nurturing setting. Cedar teachers strive to bring out the individual potential of every student.

Administrative Staff

  Position Country of Citizenship
Scott Crawford Director USA
Laurie Clark Head of Primary USA
Zach Pascoe Head of Secondary USA
Karen Fletcher PYP Coordinator Canada
Annelies Brabant MYP Coordinator UK
Jane Fraser DP Coordinator UK
Vijay Chitnis Director of Development USA
Peter Clark Development / Facilities UK
Verney O’Neal HR/Admissions Administrator Guyana (Belonger)
Vanessa Simon Front Office Manager Guyana
Deon Morgan Management Accountant Jamaica
Sudesh Yadav Admin Assistant India


Teaching Faculty – Primary Grade Levels

  Teaching Role Country of Citizenship
Emily Farque Pre-Kindergarten USA
Karen Fletcher Kindergarten Canada
Lesley Bayles Grade 1 UK
Sherry Roberts Grade 2 Canada
Caroline MacLean Grade 3 Canada
Sarah Dixon Grade 4 USA
Celiah Bunsie Grade 4 USA
Anna Kinkead Grade 5 UK (Belonger)


Teaching Faculty – Secondary Core Subjects

  Teaching Role Country of Citizenship
Annelies Brabant Humanities USA
Leah DiVincenzo Humanities Canada
Marc Brabant Science USA & Ireland
Nick Frazee Science USA
Jane Fraser Science UK
Zach Pascoe Science USA
Mickey Ennis Science USA
Tony Creaney English UK
Katie Hall English USA
Anil Kumar Math India
Monika Riegels Math USA
Sophie Carozzi Spanish UK
Miguel Forti Spanish Italy


Teaching Faculty – Specialists

  Teaching Role Country of Citizenship
Marian Blok Spanish Trinidad
Leslie Cramer Art USA
Patricia Johnston Art USA
Rhiannon Jones PE UK
John Reilly PE UK
Shelly Woodley Music USA
Steve Butcher Music UK
Margie DeVilliers Librarian South Africa
Leslie Casey IT Canada
Nea Talbot IT / Clubs Coordinator USA (Belonger)


Student Support Services

  Position Country of Citizenship
Jane Fraser University Advisor UK
Gemma Restell Solution Studio Director UK
Malen Serima Solution Studio Philippines
Kelly Bos Student Counselor / Solution Studio Canada


Educational Assistants

  Position Country of Citizenship
Susan John EA St. Vincent (Belonger)
Norma Pierre-Louis EA Dominica
Megan Prevost EA Canada
Sharon Rameshar EA / Solution Studio Guyana
Julia Maduro EA / Solution Studio BVI
Majel Talbot EA USA
Sonja Williams EA Guyana


Maintenance and Cleaning Staff

  Position Country of Citizenship
Jeffrey “Hanes” Antoine Caretaker St. Vincent
Irena Davis Daytime Cleaner St. Kitts & Nevis
Ethel Richards Evening Cleaner Jamaica
Anesta Sam Evening Cleaner St. Vincent
Lucinda Tom Evening Cleaner BVI (Belonger)

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